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DAY 1 of unsober living

YOs. As mentioned before me-n-SB had a conversation dealing with sober vs. unsober living. Ever since I’ve moved back to Corpus Christi, it’s been nothing but fast pace, stress, work, and little breathing time. I’m pooped, I’m over it. I’m performing … Continue reading

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What happened today?

Not a whole lot. I proctored a test. Kids kept coming up to me with wet tests. They wanted new tests. The kids were having gleek offs. The whole room smelled like teenager spit (Funyuns + Dr. Pepper + Unbrushed … Continue reading

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Movie RANT

“Nothing But Trouble” why it’s good list: Bourgeois get fucked over HAHA Reminder that Tupac was INDEED a member of Digital Underground Sweet architectural vomit Dan Aykroyds nose is a dick head And now a photo of Sewerboy eating a … Continue reading

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Soul-Crushingly Boring Day At Work

Today my boss stuck me in ISS all day. The usual ISS stooge had accidentally rubbed shit in his face and developed a disgusting case of pink eye. He excitedly showed me. Grown men should not get giddy up by– … Continue reading

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Everyday I tell my boss I’m going to kill him. I just finished my first article. My dude is a babe. Life is good.

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Kesha vs. Lady Gaga

Nah, don’t feel like making a whole blog post about the class connotations and differences between the two. Basically: Kesha=working class         Lady Gaga=bourgeois Thus Lady Gaga sux harder. DUH. Listen to Lady Gaga “Beautiful Dirty Rich” and Kesha “Sleazy” Proof … Continue reading

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Austin Invades Corpus! Go Away!!!

On Friday BW and I attended a rave at Aria. It was hosted by some white DJs from Austin who were generous enough to spin some hard ass beats and bring their own white hoochie Momma’s to gyrate on stage. … Continue reading

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