BW is a fan of inviting others to join the blog. I’m most assuredly not. Fuck other people. We started this blog in a pile of filth. I wrote my first post with boogers on every finger and snot pouring out of my nose.

We’re not world beaters by any means, but fuck it. I’ll exercise some editorial control on this mother fucker.

We had a request to join. BW allowed it. I just vetoed it. So, if you’re the poor soul who was given permission: it’s been revoked. Join WordPress and prove your mettle to my satisfaction and this decision will be reviewed. For now, my word is law. There is no God. ETC ETC

Anyway, I’m in a really pumped up mood. Spent all day with High School freshmen. I taught them World Geography. They learned some serious shit. That got me a jolly mood, but it was the ride home that put me in a fucking super pumped mood. Leaving a high school on your bike is one of the more dangerous rides you can do. I don’t give a fuck about rush hour alley cat rides in Manhattan. Try leaving Ray High School at 4: 05. FUCK THAT. I wanted to listen to some extreme music to make my death more epic, so I put on Aus Rotten. Boy, did it do the trick. That ride was pure revolutionary madness. Weaving through warm bodies and student drivers looking for any opening available. What a rush!

In a town where extreme sports consist of surfing (I’m the wrong body type) and wind surfing (gay), I’d strongly suggest adding riding from a High School during quitting time to that list.

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One Response to KILL ALL!

  1. Candy says:

    EL OH EL this shit makes me miss you lolol. FUCK YES IRON FIST.
    Hey, looks like i’ll be down in October for a wedding I’m the maid of honor in. SOOOOO BE THERE OR FUCK YOU.

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