New approach

It’s funny how my neurons work. If I’m pissed off at night, I usually wake up in a chipper mood. If I have a good night, I usually wake up upset. This morning was definitely the former.

In fact, I look forward to the flattering chiding my friends will give me about BW’s new beau.

But enough about that shit.

Today I’m going to continue my quest to watch every single John Ford movie. I finished all of Hitchcock the other day. And I finished Orson Welles and Kubrick years ago. It’s part of my quest to watch every movie by every director on this list. Fellini is almost done.

This project makes me an insanely boring person. Most people have seen one or two movies by these directors. And they, of course, fucking love talking about those one or two movies. But, I’m trying to fucking clean up. Watch em all.

Today, I will be watching The Long Voyage Home.

Also, to add how boring of a person I plan on being when I’m old and mature, I’m attempting to read every book on this list.

I’m about 2/3s through The Iliad. I gave it a shot a few years back but got so bored I threw it under my bed. This time my progress is for real. It’s still boring and repetitive as hell, but I’m literally muscling my way through.


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