Weekend Roundup

Had a busy as hell weekend. As a non-creator of art or culture, I see my role in Corpus Christi as that of patron. I try to attend as many free events as possible.

Attending a free event on Friday was not possible, so I begrudgingly forked out the 5 bucks for the Not My President show at House of Rock. Billed as a Punk show by punks for punks, I was pumped. Biked down there and caught the last few songs of Ick Vulnick (sp?) and couldn’t have been less impressed. Nice girls. But, their bland alt-girl version of punk leaves MUCH to be desired. The constant trading off of musical instruments would be more compelling if any of them showed a whiz-bang knack for any instrument. Not exactly the case with this band.

Next was Circle of Vultures. They sound like Black Metal to me. I’m no connoisseur of that type of music, but the label works for me. And they are fucking cool. I look forward to seeing them again soon. I hear they are looking for new instrumentation for a fuller sound.

Corrupt Bastards was next. Probably the most reliably punk rock of all the bands that I saw that night.

Then a band from Beeville played. Did not catch their name, but they are a three piece with both bassist and guitarist switching off singing duties. Reminded me of early Pennywise or any 90s Epitaph band. Not a bad sound.


Went to the birthday party show at Turban Sues. Caught the last two bands: Chili Wolf and Corpus Gold. I’ve sang Corpus Gold’s praises on this blog before. They put on a damn good show. And I firmly believe that any group is Abel is going to be something I like. Chili Wolf played a punky garage rock style. Pretty damn cool.

The Turban Sues show was almost overshadowed by the 14 year old drunk girls. Two little drunks twats were pitting into the streets and band throughout Corpus Gold’s set. The proprietor of the establishment gave them what seemed like 500 warnings to knock it off. But they persisted. So, fucking punk rock. Eventually a barrier of alt-dudes formed to keep the little bitches from running out into the street again. I helped out with this effort and grabbed the girls before they could make it into the street. The girls would have been more forgivable if they were cute. But, they were little ugly trolls. With pants so tight that even when I caught the site of a little butt crack, it was a huge turn off. The pants made it look like their butt crack went half way up their back. Disgusting.

I had one final stop on Saturday and that was to see Dan P’s  “other” band at The Texan. I didn’t catch their name. I think the last (of three) words is Commando. It’s a two piece with Dan on guitar and masked man behind a drum kit. Sample heavy and riffy as all hell. I loved it. Really made my night when I gave Dan my compliments and he told me to go fuck myself.

Other things:

  • On Saturday, two of my meals were chicken leg/thigh combos.
  • I worked in a print shop all day Saturday. It was fun
  • I’ve noticed that people love handing me fliers while ignoring my friends. I guess my patron status is appreciated by the art-creators in Corpus Christi!
  • Biking in the wind/rain/cold hell that was Corpus Christi this weekend impressed no one but myself. People just acted like I was stupid.
  • New noise punk to bring this post to a close. Fucking crank it dkYBG7G6J4g!


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