I just kept drinking!

Getting off to a late start this week. Sunday and Monday I decided to go out drinking till real fucking late and sleep through any possible job that might have been available. I sat my ass down and promised myself I would nail a job for tomorrow, but it’s already too late. I refreshed that fucking page till my F5 button caved in. Nothing popped up. Well, I’ll get to sleep in again. FUCK YEAH!

Valentines Day is a real bullshit holiday. Last year, BW and I went to Golden Corral and ate until we were uncomfortably stuffed. I think we just rubbed each other’s bellies all night because we were both in such agonizing pain. On the way out, I remember stealing something. It was a really good day.

But I’m listening to friends with girlfriends talk about their big plans. Jeez. One is going to fork out nearly 200 hundred bucks for a couples massage.

A single friend of mine called me up and we went to a coffee shop last night. He whipped out his lap top and started showing me all of the potential dates for today. I was impressed that he had such high hopes. Calls up the biggest babe of them all and snags a date. I looked through my phone and I literally don’t have any female numbers. No close female friends who I can have a friendly Valentine’s dinner with. So I ate with my cat. And now she’s sleeping on my lap.

It was a pretty good day. Typically uneventful, but okay.

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