Corpus is shit

Corpus Christi has always had a reputation for being a shitty city. We don’t exactly export culture (outside of a few exceptions like Selena) and we’re usually late to pick up on any nationwide trend. Bands will actually just pass us by. Porkeria from McAllen passed right by Corpus on their tour last year. Many touring bands bypass Corpus for the rich scenes in the Valley.

We Corpus Christians have really had to do it ourselves. So, how’s that working out?

Granted this is a limited sample of failed experiments, but it’s pretty illustrative of the problem. I’ve complained previously of how bad the crowds are here. Now, I’ll add a new complaint: the promoters. Yesterday was supposed to be a Corpus showcase. Five bands were scooped out of the SXSW music festival and booked to play The Texan along with some Corpus staples. The SXSW bands hailed from as far away as Brooklyn. This was our chance to show the outside world that we can hold fun events. We have passionate music fans and our own local acts that can rival any comers.

Nothing of the sort happened.

I’m not too clear on the details, but I’m willing to say the whole show was a hoax on me. Not that the whole world revolves around my fat head, but the show was slated to start at 5, and I showed up at 7 and no one was there. No out of town bands. None of the promoters. Just me and a biking buddy. Apparently one van had trouble and that prevented all five bands from coming to Corpus. They made it from the far corners of the continental United States, but the casual 4 hour drive from Austin killed them. I don’t buy it.

A few people did straggle in in ones and twos to see see the concert. Everyone was disappointed. The promoter really screwed the pooch with this one. Unless there are circumstances that I don’t understand or were never made public, I’m going to chalk this one up as a colossal fuck up. What makes it worse, is that probably no one cares. Corpus is a joke.

There was also a major fuck up on Saturday. An all day musical extravaganza.  I showed up at 10 PM. The show started at 3 PM and due to the electro heavy booking, I decided to skip all that shit. I guess everyone else had the same idea and skipped the show all together. Another showcase show that was nearly empty. The show was booked tight. Bands had set times. It was supposed to run like clock work. I was there for an hour and a half before the first band started up. There were less than 10 people watching them.


And these were free shows. Tomorrow is another “taste of Corpus” type all day show. It is 12 dollars. All local bands, from what I understand.

Will it be attended?

Is Corpus the biggest joke of a town you’ve ever heard of?

Do you wish a real hurricane would just wipe us out so we’d quit embarrassing ourselves?

Is this one of the reasons why Corpus has so many ODs?

If I died on my bike tonight, would my legacy be that of bitchy Corpus blogger?

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