Probably going to abandon this blog for a new more anonymous one

I wanted to blog to talk shit. Sensible shit, but shit none the less. Thanks to an outing by a has been and a venue that I put on my “do not go to” list, I’m feeling the exposure. Everytime I think of something to write about, I imagine the greasy faces of people thinking about me.

I party blame BW for her trying to turn the blog into a promotional wheel for a bunch of shitty things that happen in this town. Reviews are fine. But glorification is completely out of the question. JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING HAPPENED DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A GOOD THING And then inviting lame people to co-blog. It’s been tough. And the exposure is for real.

I hate this shit.

I became Sewerboy during my stint in the nation’s butthole, Washington D.C. I had two co-bloggers and we swore a fucking blood oath that we would respect the blog. We talked shit like mother fuckers. Our intent was the bring the whole fucking shitty down. One fucking post at a time. Carried on the name to this blog. BW came up with a throwaway name like BW. And the rest is history. Hell, I was more anonymous in my LJ phase 10 years ago!

It’s time to get mean and abandon Moco Feast for greener pastures! Later ya’ll. I only liked one person who I knew read this blog. Because she’s the only one I told about it!!! WILL MISS YOU MUCH!

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